Double  Melodies  Instrumental  Music
When eastern meets west, when classical meets modern.
Double Melodies gives excitement in orchestra music.
This is a website which introducing duet music.
Double Melodies creating the new shine of music in entertainment
Orchestra Music Could Be Very Exciting And Joyful!
What Is So Special About These Instrumental Music?
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Percussion. It plays an important role in all of these twelve instrumental music.
Percussion used included all kinds of drums, cymbals, glockenspiel, triangle,
xylophone, tambourine, woodblock, tinkle bell and etc . . .

Full of instrumental sound. A lot of musical instruments being used. Musical
instruments used included violin, viola, piano, guitar, flute, recorder, cello, trumpet,
saxophone, harmonica, tremolo string, kalimba, ocarina, trombone, French horn,
shamisen, contrabass, bagpipe, shakuhachi, banjo and some computer generated

Fast, exciting, cheerful and happy exciting music. This is the definition of the
word "Entertainment". If the tempo is simple & slow, then it will be made grand.

Double melodies. There are always at least two melodies could be heard which may
make you busy of listening to these exciting music.

The two melodies, everyone of them could be a very simple melody. Each of them
actually may be composed to become two different music. But when they are combined,
they give great effect to the whole music. Of course, it is not simple to do the
combination. If you are a composer, you may try it and see. At last, sure you will be
agree with me that, combination of two different melodies will be the most complicated
part in music composing. At
Demo page, you will be able to see how melodies are
mixed together for the music of Triple Sensation.

We are happy to share with you the method of combining
two melodies in one music.
And we are also happy to make friend with all music composers from different
countries. We hope in future, there will be a lots of such music in the market, composed
by many musicians, not only Double Melodies.   
**Click player below to start the sample music( 1' 44" ) of Triple sensation( full version in 4'
08" ).
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