Double  Melodies  Instrumental  Music
What happens when classical orchestra music meets modern music?
Ever heard of D
OUBLEMELODIES played together?
This is the 1st new type of music created in the 21st century
OUBLEMELODIES creating the new shine of music in entertainment
Orchestra Music Could Be Joyful!
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1. Music and Entertainment

Music is an entertainment entity. It suppose to be used for entertaining human being. We face a lots
of unhappy things in a day. Music suppose to be something which may balance up our life. We may
forget about the unhappy thing temporary. When we come to the correct time to solve the unhappy
thing or problem, make sure we still have the power or energy to make our life continues.

But it seems like there are a lots of people treat entertainment to be the most important entity in our
life( except for those who are working in the entertainment world ). Our work become the second
entity in our life. Or making the entertainment affecting our normal work. Time taken on
entertainment become longer than normal work. Time after work suppose to be used for making
preparation for our future plan for our life. I believe many people don't think of their future at all.
That is why they fill the time after work fully by taking entertainment. People who works in
entertainment world should be very happy of this kind of people. But I strongly think that this is not
a healthy sign for a society.

Some people use drug wrongly. Some people use entertainment wrongly.

Entertainment suppose to be something which could entertain us. Or at least it teaches us something,
making us improve in certain area of our life. Sad song not suppose to contribute a big portion in
entertainment world. Of course it still has its value of existence. That is why I make happy music.

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2. Smoking

Everyday, we communicate with other people. We live with others. We suppose to respect others.
This should be a very basic rule among human being. But there are a lots of people who don't have the
word of respect in their mind at all. They are smoker.

Did you ever meet somebody who you don't know come to you and ask for your permission to
smoke? Never. They force other people to breath in something which they don't want. They want to
have harm in their healthy. Fine. They decided to have unhealthy life. Fine. This is their own right to
do so. But they affect people around them. They don't have the right to affect others. Some even
smoking in front of their own kids. Do they love their kids?

To have a healthy body, we suppose trying our best to increase the level of oxygen in our body.
Smoking is reducing the oxygen level in our body. When oxygen level is reduced, our body will become
weaker to fight with decease. It is not surprise that, from time to time, we may heard some new
discoveries of how smoking brings harm to our body.   

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3. Are you an adult?

We may have an adults body because maybe we are 30 or 45 this year. But do you really have an
adults mind? What is the difference between adult and kid? It is on the word of responsibility. Kid
does not know how to responsible on something. But adult suppose to be responsible on everything
we do including our emotion.   

But there are a lots of adults don't know how to take responsibility on what they have done and on
their own emotion. Especially who gamble.   

Take responsible means, you accept the consequences from what you have done or your choice. If
you can't accept it, you can't taking the responsible. An adult should be knowing all the consequences
of what you have done. Don't blaim circumstances or others on what you are facing.

If you smoke, you have to accept that one day your doctor may tells you that you have cancer. You
can't be regret at that time. If you think you can't accept that, then from now on better don't smoke
because you are an adult.

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