Double  Melodies  Instrumental  Music
Orchestra Music Could Be Very Exciting And Joyful!
**Click player below to start the sample music( 1' 01" ) of My dream( full version in
3' 39" ).        
When eastern meets west, when classical meets modern.
Double Melodies gives excitement in orchestra music.
This is a website which introducing duet music.
Double Melodies creating the new shine of music in entertainment
Comments Received On The Music . . .
1. Very lively. Good instrumentation( male from Connecticut, 36, studio musician ).

2. Plenty of power and emotion( male from Ireland, 44, musician ).

3. You've got good at mixing, adding reverb, much more natural sounding in that respect(
Beagle from Forth Worth, Tx, comments given through CakeWalk song forum,
). This comment is given to the new version music.

4. Nice work, very intricate and rhythmic and I love the way the various instruments play
against each other so harmoniously. Good mixes too( Opaque Slogan from High Peak,
Derbyshire, England, comments given through CakeWalk song forum, ).
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