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Orchestra Music Could Be Very Exciting And Joyful!
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The instrumental music composing started at year end of 2000, using PC software named Score
Writer version 1. After 4 years of music composing, there are accumulated of 52 pure
instrumental music. All these 52 music are duet and we believe duet could make pure
instrumental music become very exciting.  

On 2005, the website of
Double Melodies was introduced to the world. Eleven music are
selected to be put on website and started to be sold since year of 2005. The first website
selected for selling the music was

Then more websites were selected for selling the music and providing the free listen. But the
music at that moment did not contains any reverb and special effect. Many comments received
on the music, as well as on how to enhance the music. Score Writer version 4 was bought from

Reverb is added by Classic Reverb. Special effect is added as well into the music. Virtual Studio
Technology instrument is used in Score Writer version 4. Technique of music panning started to
be considered. All these improve the music. On 17th of March 2006, the website of Double
Melodies was registered and since then it is providing free listen to the world.

For the moment, there are 4 music are in new version which are after humanisation. The
process of music humanisation is continued until all eleven music are humanised.

Today, these exciting music is only available here. All pure instrumental duet music sold through
other websites are removed for easier maintenance purposes.   
**Click player below to start the sample music( 1' 01" ) of My dream( full version in 3' 39" ).
When eastern meets west, when classical meets modern.
Double Melodies gives excitement in orchestra music.
This is a website which introducing duet music.
Double Melodies creating the new shine of music in entertainment
The Composer . . .
The composer of Double Melodies is a credit card system software engineer, Fong Sau
from Malaysia( a beautiful country in South East Asia ). He is a part time pure music
composer. He used to be the "Yang Ching" player for Classical Chinese Orchestra during his
university time. He
earned expert author status on 7th of June 2008. Please visit Published
Articles to get his all articles.
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