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When eastern meets west, when classical meets modern.
Double Melodies gives excitement in orchestra music.
This is a website which introducing duet music.
Double Melodies creating the new shine of music in entertainment
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Double Melodies pure instrumental duet music is composed through Double Melodies
omposer’s idea on music. All interesting and exciting instrumental music are grouped together.
One common characteristic is found. It is the duet. When two different melodies played
together, the instrumental music become so interesting. But all duet music in current market, the
two melodies are not played for the whole music. The duet maybe composed only for 50% of
the instrumental music( mainly for the chorus ). So the composer who comes from Malaysia
decided to make the duet for the whole music. This making
Double Melodies music unique and
can’t be found at other websites. You may find a lots of good instrumental
pure music at other
websites. But for whole duet instrumental music, only at Double Melodies.

We are showing to you that
duet making music fantastic.

Free listening is provided. Free ringtone could be downloaded free without any music purchase.
And the ringtone is partial of the music. The most exciting part of the music is cut out to make
the ringtone. Every purchase of Double Melodies instrumental music will be given the score
notes sheet free. This offer may be terminated any time.       

Kindly switch on your PC/laptop speakers and click start button of player at the bottom of this
page. You are listening to a music which contains more than one melody.  Strong bass speaker
and high volume are recommended to listen to the music. Otherwise, you may not be able to
enjoy the instrumental pure music, you may not be able to get all instrumental sounds heard.

Instrumental music composed by Double Melodies are not disco music but they are exciting.
These are pure music but they are not slow. These are also not remix. These are not song with
lyrics as well. These are exciting instrumental pure music. These are all duet. Every single sound
you heard is written by score note. These instrumental pure music are suitable for long journey
driving. Do you like exciting music, and looking for something new? Double Melodies duet
makes your collection more varieties.

After listening to the music, it is still not too late for you to decide whether want to stay longer
for second music or not. We know very well that music style which suits everybody is not exist.

What is pure music? Pure music is music without lyric and it never being associated to any lyric

What is instrumental music?
Instrumental music is music which presented by musical
instruments, not presented or sang by singer. This music could be having lyrics before and
could be presented by singer before. There are lots of recording companies, taking a song which
having lyrics to be presented by musical instruments. If so, this is not a pure music. All twelve
music below are  instrumental pure music.

So, pure music sure is an instrumental music. But instrumental music is not necessary a pure
music. Double Melodies is an instrumental music. Double Melodies is also a pure music.

Today, you may listen to these twelve pure
DOUBLEMELODIES  instrumental music free of